• <strong>Mike and Janet Huckabee,

    It has been 5 years since we experimented with the different ways to use NatureKast and if I could figure out other ways to use it I would.  It has held up perfectly to the harsh beach weather.  We live directly on the beach and our NatureKast gets some sun and all the weather the gulf has to offer.  The color has remained the same and there has been no warping of any kind. NatureKast has truly been a great product for us and we would highly recommend it for any outdoor use.

    Mike and Janet Huckabee, Santa Rosa Beach, Fl
  • <strong> Leslie Stolze Floyd

    I love my NatureKast outdoor Kitchen and recommend the product to all our clients at Emerald Coast Building Contractors !

    Leslie Stolze Floyd Destin, Florida - Emerald Coast Building Contractors
  • <strong>Janet Gray

    Our outdoor kitchen is amazing! It has become the focal point of any get-together we have. It is the first thing that our guests notice and complement us on. We are so pleased with the craftsmanship and durability of the NatureKast material and its ability to withstand the elements. Absolutely no problems!…We have dinner and a cold beverage several nights of the week outside and just enjoy life!

    Janet Gray Destin, Florida - Homeowner
  • <strong>Joseph , cabinetmaker,

    NatureKast has created a complete line of waterproof cabinets that look like wood but are actually not wood at all. How can you tell the difference? Wait until spring. These cabinets are made with a technologically-advanced, high-density resin system, which means they won’t crack, split or rot, regardless of the amount of rain, humidity, heat or other environmental nasties they may be exposed to. You can even leave these babies out in the snow! … NatureKast delivers!

    Joseph , cabinetmaker, https://cft411.com/2012/05/16/naturekast/
  • <strong>lynnahale

    This company was phenomenal.

    From the measuring and design phase to the installation.
    Many ideas and affordable upgrades made our kitchen one of the best in our community.

    lynnahale Testimonial on Houzz
  • <strong>Chad Wandrick,

    Our company has been using the NatureKast outdoor cabinetry for about 5 years. We had several issues when we were using other outdoor materials and since going to the NatureKast cabinetry, we have had no problems and our outdoor kitchens look the same as the day we put them in, years later.
    Most of our homes are used for rentals here in the Gulf Coast of Florida and they take a lot of abuse, so this cabinet not only looks great, but is really durable and the maintenance to keep it looking good is just hosing it off. NatureKast is a big part of why our homes are special.

    Chad Wandrick, Florida Contractor, - White Sands Contracting
  • <strong>Charlie Van Diver,

    We love our NatureKast outdoor kitchen.
    It has not only added to the enjoyment of our home, but also its value.

    Charlie Van Diver, Miramar Beach, Florida, - Homeowner
  • <strong>Terry Jones,

    I have been using NatureKast for our outdoor living areas for close to 8 years and would not go back to real wood cabinets for outdoors.
    We also use the resin wood matching planks for our outdoor ceilings to match the cabinets. Great look and no worries about the wood warping or fading like previous outdoor kitchens we have done in the past.

    Terry Jones, Compass Builders, - Sandestin, Florida



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Available through a growing network of dealers across North America.

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PVC outdoor kitchen cabinets

  • Luxurious wood finish that thrives outdoors

    Imagine… wood that won’t warp, fade or crack

  • Extensive product range

    If we haven’t thought of it, we’re probably working on it

  • Award-winning & installer friendly

    Use your basic tools-of-the trade to install

Outdoor cabinetry of the future is here now!

The name NatureKast is synonymous with beautiful outdoor kitchens and we are serious about maintaining that legacy. NatureKast revolutionized the industry with 100% weatherproof cabinetry, panels, trim and more with the look & feel of real cypress or teak. Available in stain, paint or weathered finishes. We are now proud to present our sleek contemporary Euro door style in Pure White with ebony edge.


These weatherproof cabinets have been designed to perfectly complement the award-winning Galley Workstation. Innovative cabinets are available for most of the big names in outdoor grills, cooktops, sinks and appliances.


Discover unlimited design options for your outdoor kitchen area along with the widest range of outdoor TV cabinets, decorative molded elements and full-access appliance cabinets. Featuring a limited lifetime warranty.


Will you give your back yard a fresh, modern look or keep it classic with our inimitable look of real wood? Either way, you will enjoy beautiful and resilient outdoor cabinetry without the constant maintenance.

NatureKast outdoor kitchens.

Perfecting the art of outdoor living.

Contemporary Weatherproof Cabinets Euro Door Style


Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, is a man-made polymer that has seen use in a multitude of applications from food to medicine, indoor to outdoors. In the cabinet industry, it’s a groundbreaking method of weatherproof construction. PVC is a robust yet light-weight plastic with excellent properties for use outdoors and with cooking appliances.


Our cabinet and drawer boxes are built from 100% waterproof PVC which is assembled using a weld-like bonding process that creates the strongest cabinet box on the market. As shown, we offer white or black PVC cabinetry that is light weight and easy to clean by simply spraying it with a hose and wiping it dry. The combination of durability and esthetic beauty makes NatureKast one of the best values in the outdoor living market.


Resin is another type of polymer that we employ in the creation of our cabinetry. Think of it like a light-weight foam that’s injected into a die, pressed down with considerable force, compressing the cell-like structure of the foam into something very dense and very strong. The combination of Resin with PVC provides stellar results against the elements.


We can also style the inside of the die to look like real wood and, once finished, have a beautiful, realistic product as shown to the right. All NatureKast doors, drawer fronts, panels and planks are all created from molds cast from real distressed Cypress wood to give an amazing natural grain detail.

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