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Frequently Asked Questions


Wood inspires what we do. We replicate the textures and nuances of wood in our molded high-density polyurethane doors and panels. These parts are hand-finished by artisans, so the finished product is near impossible to differentiate from the wooden originals we create to make the molds.

Our Slab, Shaker, Rustique, Louver and Contempo doors and panels are molded in high density polyurethane resin. These parts are hand finished to look and feel like the real wood masters. Euro doors and panels are made from a High-Pressure Laminate (phenolic resin). Metro is marine-grade high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Our cabinet boxes are constructed from expanded PVC sheets. It is a polymer commonly used for plumbing, so it doesn’t get affected by moisture and bonds with a weld-like strength.

The difference is subtle but important. Our cabinets have been engineered to withstand (and not be negatively affected by) weather. They are not watertight, as this is not normally best practice in an exterior environment where humidity and damp can build up in tightly closed spaces. Our cabinets allow some air flow and will keep most water out (when properly installed). For certain applications, where water intrusion is a problem, we have produced a weather-seal gasket, which can be installed to reduce the amount of water that can get in the openings.

We sell our cabinetry through our network of dealers. Find your nearest NatureKast dealer on our dealer locator. Our cabinetry is semi-custom and requires design and installation to create the dream spaces we are acclaimed for. Our dealers are equipped to help you to create the dream space that will transform your back yard area.

All our dealers have sample sets in their showrooms. They also may order a sample block or door if you would like to match the exterior of your home.

We try to maintain an 8-week lead time for most door styles and finishes, plus a week for shipping. Depending on supplier stock levels, certain door styles or finishes may require a longer lead time.

Our cabinetry requires a skilled installer, and our dealers are typically responsible for handling the installation.

We have designed our extensive range of grill cabinetry to accommodate most grill sizes and configurations. It is essential that all grills have an insulated jacket (liner) allowing them to be installed in combustible enclosures. We also have a wide variety of cabinetry for other outdoor appliances.

Outdoor decks and patios require a grade to ensure water drains effectively. Our cabinets have adjustable leg levelers that allow for easy leveling from 4” to 7 ½".

Yes, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore both make a primer that will bond to our finish, allowing you to use an exterior-grade latex paint to change the finish on your cabinets. We also offer our cabinets in a primed finish, so you can paint them any hue you like.

The cabinetry does not come with the hardware, but we offer a full line of 316 stainless steel pulls and knobs that are made to withstand the elements.

NatureKast has been producing fine outdoor cabinetry since 2009 and continues to be a leader in the industry.

We have had dealers install NatureKast as an indoor kitchen in flood-prone areas like boat houses, as well as areas that have problems with wood-destroying insects. NatureKast has the largest selection of cabinets, panels, planks, posts, moldings and accessories, allowing expert designers to help you create unique weatherproof cabinetry areas for almost any space. Projects like entertainment centers, dog cleaning stations, potting garden centers, dock cabinetry, fish cleaning islands and much more are all possible with the vast selection of cabinets and parts from NatureKast.

NatureKast has a line of ventilation hoods to match our cabinetry, which can accomodate many of the liner inserts available from appliance manufacturers. Many of our dealers offer custom-built hoods for larger applications, some of which include a built-in area for your TV.

We have a range of TV cabinets available as an open-frame, with bi-fold or sliding doors.

As far as we know, NatureKast is the only outdoor cabinet company that provides low maintenance insert cabinets, which are not made from stainless steel.

Caring for NatureKast cabinetry

NatureKast cabinets are best in class when it comes to requiring very little maintenance. Your cabinetry can be sprayed down with a garden hose (please do not use a pressure washer) and dried with a soft cloth to get your cabinetry looking like new. For greasy marks, you can use a mild liquid dish soap with lots of water. Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials.

Our plush soft-close hinges and drawer slides are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel to help prevent rust. Stainless Steel does require some maintenance – particularly in oceanfront settings to prevent corrosion. We recommend applying a rust inhibitor (like BullFrog 93692) or a Krylon spray or a Silicon spray (like WD-40) annually. This should be applied more often in coastal environments. Clean only with mild alkaline cleaners and a soft cloth. This is especially important if cabinetry is near a chlorinated pool.

Chlorine releases powerful gasses, which could bleach the finish of our cabinetry. Stainless steel is also more prone to corrode in an environment with airborne chlorine gasses. Extra care of the cabinetry and hardware will be required in chlorinated environments.

Our molded doors and panels may be touched up very effectively using the touch up kits that are available through your local dealer. Euro cabinets have a touch up paint that may also be ordered.

Decorative pulls or knobs are required. Marine grade stainless steel hardware is recommended, with extra care required in coastal or chlorinated environments.

Warranty and Repairs

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our cabinetry. This gives you peace of mind that we do everything in our power to ship a product that doesn’t have inherent defects and flaws, which could cause product failure in outdoor settings. You still need to treat your cabinetry with the care you would anything else you cherish, but we pride ourselves on giving you a beautiful and durable product that has been built to last. Please see our full warranty here.

Please contact the dealer you purchased your cabinetry from.

Please contact our customer service team and they, together with our area representative, will aim at promptly getting you a solution to your question or problem.

Please reach out to the dealer you bought the cabinetry from so they can assist.

NatureKast hinges offer 6-way adjustment to perfectly align your doors after installation. If you have any door alignment concerns, please click here to download a useful pdf document to walk you through this simple process.

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