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NatureKast combines wood's charm with resin's resilience

Wood is amazingly versatile to work with and adds its unique warmth and mood to home applications. Our founder started his career as a traditional cabinet-maker, but was consistently frustrated by wood’s lack of durability in weather and outdoor settings. His constant struggle led him to experiment with many different products and substrates  … and NatureKast was born!

Naturekast outdoor cabinets

How does NatureKast compare to real Cypress & Teak

The showdown begins...

Similar panels of Teak and NatureKast were selected

The results were then compared... no surprises really. NatureKast delivered!

While Teak warped badly after just 2 hours...

...NatureKast remained true to form.

The rain challenge... NatureKast vs Real Cypress

Both products were exposed to heavy rain

Again the results confirmed our expectations...

The wood warped ... even faster than we expected

NatureKast was as straight as the day it left our factory

The Competiton vs NatureKast ...

Stone & Stainless Steel

case study competitor

Limited useable storage space due to construction restrictions.

NatureKast offers so much more...

Naturekast full access outdoor kitchen cabinets

NatureKast offers full-access functionality.