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Our hybrid door style – where sleek metal trim meets the warmth of wood in picture perfect harmony. Exquisite!
Sleek Stainless Steel, Matte Black or Aluminum frame with vertical grained CypressKast or TeakKast flat panel.

Available finishes

Aged Barnboard - CypressKast
Aged Barnboard - OakKast
Aged Barnboard - TeakKast
Arctic Slate - CypressKast
Arctic Slate - OakKast
Arctic Slate - TeakKast
Autumn Moss (Silver Birch) - CypressKast
Autumn Moss (Silver Birch) - OakKast
Autumn Moss (Silver Birch) - TeakKast
Charred Rum - CypressKast
Charred Rum - OakKast
Charred Rum - TeakKast
Coastal Sage - CypressKast
Coastal Sage - OakKast
Coastal Sage - TeakKast
Cobalt Linen - CypressKast
Cobalt Linen - OakKast
Cobalt Linen - TeakKast
Custom Painted - CypressKast
Custom Painted - OakKast
Custom Painted - TeakKast
Espresso - CypressKast
Espresso - OakKast
Espresso - TeakKast
Fossil Grey - CypressKast
Fossil Grey - OakKast
Fossil Grey - TeakKast
Harvest Shale - CypressKast
Harvest Shale - OakKast
Harvest Shale - TeakKast
Midnight Tide - CypressKast
Midnight Tide - OakKast
Midnight Tide - TeakKast
Natural Blonde - CypressKast
Natural Blonde - OakKast
Natural Blonde - TeakKast
Nutmeg - CypressKast
Nutmeg - OakKast
Nutmeg - TeakKast
Picket Fence - CypressKast
Picket Fence - OakKast
Picket Fence - TeakKast
Raven Ash - CypressKast
Raven Ash - OakKast
Raven Ash - TeakKast
Salted Slate - CypressKast
Salted Slate - OakKast
Salted Slate - TeakKast
Smoked Mahogany - CypressKast
Smoked Mahogany - OakKast
Smoked Mahogany - TeakKast
Super White - CypressKast
Warmed Taupe - CypressKast
Warmed Taupe - OakKast
Warmed Taupe - TeakKast
Weathered Charcoal- CypressKast
Weathered Desert Tan - CypressKast
Weathered Dockside - CypressKast
Weathered Driftwood - CypressKast
Weathered Graphite - CypressKast

NatureKast Kitchen Style Builder

Envision your dream kitchen with our new kitchen style builder. Our builder allows you to view customization options and save your favorite combinations so that your dream kitchen can become reality.