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Inspired by sleek European design, our Euro door allows designers to create contemporary masterpieces. This style is available in a range of finishes from book-match run (vertical & horizontal) to our selection of solid options.
Euro is a High Pressure Laminate (phenolic resin) 1/2" thick Door with a smooth-edged black core with a micro-chamfer that is visible around the doors and panels.

Available finishes

Balkans Bleached Walnut - Horizontal
Balkans Bleached Walnut - Vertical
Brussels Deep Wenge - Horizontal
Brussels Deep Wenge - Horizontal
Budapest Black Walnut - Horizontal
Budapest Black Walnut - Vertical
Corfu Coastal Aqua
Dartmoor Sessile Oak - Horizontal
Dartmoor Sessile Oak - Vertical
Dover Cliff-side White
Florence Gallery Grey
London Ashen Grey
Marmara Deep Walnut - Horizontal
Marmara Deep Walnut - Vertical
Marseilles Silver Oak - Horizontal
Marseilles Silver Oak - Vertical
Parisian Cashmere Grey
Penrhyn Mineralized Slate - Horizontal
Penrhyn Mineralized Slate - Vertical
Prussian Celestial Blue
Utrecht Zoute Drop

NatureKast Kitchen Style Builder

Envision your dream kitchen with our new kitchen style builder. Our builder allows you to view customization options and save your favorite combinations so that your dream kitchen can become reality.